With an experienced team of educational trainers, we have a proven track record which can be effective wherever information needs to be exchanged. Working with coaches, instructors, tour guides, trainers and teachers, we can offer bespoke training to promote effective delivery,  ensuring information is recieved, understood and is usable where it’s needed.

Educational Development

Transferring Knowledge is one of the most valuable skills in life.

With 20 years Experience within the Education Sector ORA Events have become specialists at helping develop quality educators/trainers or instructors.

During the journey to become an educator an incredible focus is placed at acquiring knowledge in specific subject areas or fields, however not much time is dedicated to learning how to transfer that immense knowledge onto others.

ORA have worked with a wide variety of educators to make sure they get the very best results when transferring knowledge from one platform to another as well as developing processes to make sure that the information is received, understood and is useable! 

ORA have also worked with companies to help develop clear logical instructions for products so the customer journey is efficient, smooth and enjoyable.  

ORA events have worked with educators / instructors ranging from software trainers, sports coaches, teachers, through to Yacht Skippers and even Tour Guides to make sure they get the best out of their teaching.

Each person/organistion/learning environment is different and so flexible approach is needed to ensure knowledge is transferred in an inspiring way always with the learner at the centre!